Introducing Ground Control Audio Pedals

Just Arrived! Ground Control Audio Blood Oaths in 2 variations: Silicon and Germanium diodes. Both pedals control the Lows very well, and coupled with the Pre control, you can dial in more gain where needed and take it away by hitting a switch which is really useful! I love how mellow the Germanium version is, on a lower gain Amp like a Blackface it almost sounds like there's a wet dry control where there isn't and can pretty much do any flavor of tone you like! It's pallet color is pretty clean and doesn't take away much of your Guitars natural tone, but instead adds a very light bump in the lower miss/higher mids which adds depth rather than color. The Silicon is of course much higher gain compared to the Germanium, but sounds insane and can roll back to give some really nice articulation. One thing I noticed is this thing can feed back with no issues when you want where the Germanium version takes more doing, but it still maintains the same color pallet as its brother and is just as versatile. I've definitely got two new favorite pedals in the studio now, these will guaranteed be on every record I do now! A last point is the Hosa Technology, Inc. Cables have made testing these way more apparent in the clarity I'm getting from Guitars - they allow so much more of the high end of your DI through with the Edge series. Who knows, maybe it's just my ears but it's very apparent to me that there's a big difference in the quality of components compared to other brands I was using and the Edge cables are definitely what I'll be using from now on for future tests too.

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